aSMSC V3Core

aSMSC Phoenix


Resource Monitor
Live Traffic Stream Monitor
Connection Status Monitor
CR Tracking API
API Based Testing Service Integrations
SMPP Based Testing Service Integrations
Multiple Currency Billing
Pre-integrated Payment gateways
Multiple Entity Invoicing
Prefix Based MCC MNC Database
Range Based MCC MNC Database
Marketing Campaigns DB
Custom SMPP Error code Mapper
Self Service DB Maintenance Wizard
OSS Reports Dashboard
BSS Reporting Dashboard
Route Quality Monitor


HLR Integration
HLR Dip on Live Traffic
HLR Response Based SMS Billing
Multiple HLR Vendors
MCC-MNC finder
In-App HLR Check
Destination-specific HLR Vendor Selection
HLR as a Service


Least Cost Routing
LCR Exclusion Manager
Quality based LCR
Conversion Ratio (CR) Based Routing
Percentage Routing ( Load distribution )
Margin % age-based Load distribution
Sender ID (ANI) Based Routing
Static Routing (Route Plans)
Rerouting on Submission Error Codes
Rerouting on Delivery Status
Manual Repush Messages Tool
Routing Report Exports
Scheduled Routing
1 to 1 Routing
MSISDN Routing
Content-Based Routing
Margin % age-based LCR Routing


HTTP MO-MT Connections & Trunks
SMPP MO-MT Connections & Trunks
Connection Groups
Testing SMPP Connections
Test Data Quality Analysis

Modifications, Translations

Vendor Specific Regex based Content Modification
Customer Specific Regex-based Content Modification
Originating content-based Content Modification
Text Append
Regex Based Sender Modifications
Trunk-Specific Destination Prefix
Vendor Specific Number Translations
Customer Specific Number Translations

Messaging Service Channels

MO ( Mobile Originating ) over HTTP & SMPP
MT  ( Mobile Terminating ) over HTTP & SMPP
MO SMPP Client Connection Mode
MO SMPP Server Connection Mode


Rate change logs
System Audit Logs
PDU Logs ( Linked to message records)
MO SMPP Debug Level logs
MT SMPP Debug Level Logs
Services Logs
Email Logs

Sales Tools

Route Availability & Price Simulation ( LCR Simulation)
Inbuilt Route Testing Module
Message Simulator – Quickly check Rate & Routing settings for a Customer
Smart Rate Plan Generator
Barter Deal management


Prepaid Billing
SMS Credit Validity
Post Paid Billing
Automatic Invoicing as per billing terms
Vendor Invoicing
Vendor Payment tracking
SOA Generation
Tax Mangement & Reporting
Billing Setup Workflow
Maker-Approver Credit Limit Workflow
Billing & Accounting Audit Trail
Customer Credit/Balance Control
Vendor Credit Control

Rate Management

Multi-currency rate plans
Product type rates for Enterprises
Termination Rate plans
Automatic Rate updates
Auto Vendor Rate update Imports
One Click Rate Plan Copy
Dynamic Rate Increase Setups
MT Vendor SID Rates
MT Customer SID Rates
Scheduled Rating (Future Rates)
 Rate Audit Trail
Smart Rate Plan Generator
Tiered Pricing


Regex-Based Content Blocking
Regex-Based Content Whitelisting
Data Mediation+A161:A196
Opt-Out Manager
Number Blacklisting
Customer based Country blocking
Regex-Based Sender Blocking
Sender Whitelisting


Dynamic Roles
Page Level Access control
Company (Customer/Vendor) Level Access Control
Customer Notifications & Emailers via Email
Sales Account Manager Setup
Procurement AM Setup
Account Signup- API
Top-up API
API & Portal IP address Authentication
Number Range Based MCC MNC DB
Teams & Groups
Group Based Access control
Data Mediation
Customer Specific Self Service Auto Archiving


AES 256 Data Encrypted SMS Content Storage & Transmission
 App-based Two Factor Authentication
 Email-based Two Factor Authentication

Alerts & Alarm

Email-based Alarms /Notifications
In-App Notifications
Telegram notifications
Route Quality Level Alerting
Insightful Alarms
Route Quality Alarms
Alarm Monitoring Screen


Queue Management
Campaign Manager
DLR Override


Sender ID request ( Retail/Enterprise)
Content Template Approval
Routing Setup Workflow
Customer/ Vendor Provisioning Workflow


Single & Bulk SMS API via HTTP
Verify ( OTP) based Verification API
Voice OTP API ( Multilingual )
Token-Based API Authentication

Protocols Supported

Inbuilt SMPP Server/Client  Protocol
HTTP MT Vendor API via Bridge
Native Inbuilt MT Vendor HTTP Protocol
Native inbuilt MO Vendor SMPP Protocol
Native inbuilt MO Vendor HTTP Protocol
SS7 Over Sigtran ( Via Addon SMPP<>SIGTRAN Bridge )

Web Tool

SMS Campaigns
Contact Lists
Dynamic SMS Campaigning
MO Channels
Auto Reply & Auto Post MO SMS
2-Way Communication
Conversational 2-Way over SMS
Landing page Creator
Customized URL Shortener