A2P SMS Amid Feature-Rich Social Media Platforms

Nowadays with the increase in the use of smartphones and the internet reaching every nook and corner, people all around the globe are getting accustomed to widely-used social media networking websites that are in vogue. However, for businesses to connect with customers on a large scale, SMS is still the first preference.

Why are company heads still choosing the old-fashioned SMS over trendy social media sites? Reasons are aplenty but the one that stands out is the introduction of A2P messaging.

Although the number of smartphone users is increasing at an unbelievably high pace post-2014, the introduction of 4G and now the rollout of 5G is on the cards even in developing countries, brands still rely on the ever-helpful 160-character channel for promotional objectives.

This reliance is not as old as the channel is, but with the spread of the internet to the farthest areas, the medium got a new lease of life, one to be employed by businesses for the desired reach.

With the proliferation of social media websites, the bane of many is not what hinders business heads from utilizing platforms with rich features. But the features of A2P SMS are not there on these newly found websites where people connect and businesses advertise.

To know why this connection of businesses is still intact and growing with more than a three-decade-old channel, let us try and know about A2P SMS in detail.

What is A2P SMS?

In the simplest of terms, A2P or application-to-person SMS is a form of texting where business entities send messages to mobile users, usually in bulk. This is unlike the person-to-person form of messaging

This is also referred to as Bulk SMS or SMS Marketing. More often than not, these messages are not manual, and receiving such texts results from any activity started from the user’s end.

For businesses to promote their products and service at a large scale, the use of A2P SMS comes in handy.

For instance, a customer, while scrolling an e-commerce website, purchased a book. After placing the order, a text pops up on the screen of a buyer showing details and the expected delivery date.

However, brands don’t always wait for the customer to start the communication. To increase sales and traffic on their websites, SMS API is used to share the latest offers and discounts to lure consumers. This is done with the intention to reach the maximum number of people leading to the expansion of sales.

Deploying A2P SMS

There are multiple areas where SMS API can be used for profitability. Some are mentioned below:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list.

Order and Delivery Confirmation: If you are an e-commerce store or local grocery, you can use texting to inform customers of order purchases and delivery details within no time.

Promotional Goals: To reach your monthly desired target, you can promote the product or service and get potential buyers without spending a hefty sum on advertising.

Reminding The Customer: If your business involves clients visiting you, you can send reminders in advance and ensure they don’t miss out on the scheduled date. This is helpful because out of a busy schedule people often don’t remember their to-do tasks.

Assist Customer: The need to get in touch with your customers on phone calls can also be replaced, albeit not completely. Millennials and people in the GenZ category prefer messaging instead of having a call with a customer care executive

Two-factor Authentication: For secure banking and privacy issues using 2FA has become an essential tool. This, acting as an extra layer of protection, confirms the identity of the actual user.

Surveying and Polling: The necessity to meet people in person for a survey or any polling purpose can be avoided. You can do the job from the comfort of your home using Bulk SMS services.

Benefits of A2P SMS

Unlike other marketing strategies, companies small and big that employ messaging channels have always an edge over competitors. Some are enumerated below:

  • Efficiency Surpasses others

Due to its high open rate, SMS has left behind others. According to a study, texts have a 98% open rate. Contrary to it email has a less than 30%. People tend to read and respond to SMS instead of emails that remain unattended for days together.

  • Cost-effective

This is one of the cheapest ways to reach your customers. You don’t have to spend a hefty sum on television, radio, billboards, and newspaper advertisements.

  • A2P SMS In Market

The success rate of SMS A2P is not matchable which is growing steadily without any interruption. Moreover, analysts have predicted an upward trend for the coming decade. According to an article published in Forbes, the author has predicted that SMS “will become its own distribution channel” in the future.

  • Superfast Delivery Speed  

The speed of this form of communication is rarely matched by others. You can send thousands of messages in a jiffy.


Taking into consideration this cost-effective and streamlined channel, A2P SMS is by far the best marketing tool available for businesses to grow exponentially without hindrance. The utility of social media sites ought not to be underestimated but the 160-character channel surpasses these feature-rich sites in many ways as discussed above.

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