Why it is Time to Shift To CPaaS System

Over the last several years communication technology has seen an unprecedented change. With the increase in internet penetration rate, the ability to communicate with others has not only been made easier for people in general but particularly businesses around the globe are taking advantage of the shift by embracing Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology.

With almost every second business going digital, the necessity for a dynamic and feature-rich communication system is felt by all. It is due to this surge in the use of the internet, businesses are bidding adieu to traditional channels of communication for exponential growth.

There are predictions regarding the market value of this cloud-based platform to increase manifold in the coming years. As per IDC’s estimate, the share of CPaaS Technology in the year 2022 is expected to touch 10.9 Billion dollars.

The figures say it all. If you are yet to adopt the CPaaS system or have not been well acquainted with the next big thing in communication technology, it is time to familiarize yourself with this cloud communication for a better future.

What is CPaaS?

Communication Platform as a Service which in short is called CPaaS is a cloud-based communication system that allows the addition of real-time communication capabilities to business applications, employing application program interfaces. The possibility of adding voice, SMS, and video is what makes the system a preferred option for many.

The CPaaS system is mainly used by organizations that want to embed communication systems in their applications. In other words, for those who want to simplify the integration of communication capabilities, this cloud-based system is the option for them.

Employing CPaaS

As already discussed in the preceding paragraphs, the purpose of CPaaS is for developers to be able to add real-time communication features to an organization’s in-use applications.

One of the reasons business heads are investing in CPaaS systems is that they are not required to invest in building their own back-end infrastructure.

With the system in place, not only is the communication made streamlined and cost-efficient but the feature of customization makes the job even easier for those who deploy it for desired results.

Why New Players Prefer CPaaS

Knowing the Return on Investment and the possibility of adding features according to the needs whenever they want, new startups around the globe are getting in touch with service providers at the earliest. The choice of going with the platform is mainly because the possibilities of innovations are endless with this in place.

Due to its availability depending on the internet, users can employ the system from anywhere in the world.


Not only are the current trends and statistics favoring the cloud-based system but the feature-rich platform makes the communication process of businesses way easier than it previously was.

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