Why Switch To SMS API

Have you noticed people linking their websites with social media accounts? If you have observed someone trying this option or you have fiddled with it yourself ever, then you have intentionally or unintentionally made use of the highly sought-after Application Programming Interface which in short is widely known in the technical parlance as API.

For you to understand why having an SMS API is a necessity for all types of businesses, let us first understand API.

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What is an API

When the functions of one computer program are made available to another computer, the process involved is called Application Programming Interface. The distinct feature of APIs is that they work in the background and are not visible to users when operations are going on.

SMS API Defined

An SMS API is a kind of API that lets you integrate your business SMS into software platforms. Once the implementation takes place, you can send and receive an end number of messages within no time. Further, sending a manually-typed transactional or promotional message can be done away with by this simple process of integration.

An SMS API does assist you in operating your business communication round the clock smoothly without any hassle. Once in place, the unnecessary burden from the shoulders of your staff is taken away by this SMS API. While adopting this system the business not only saves time but resources are saved as well. For the betterment of business, you can utilize the saved time and resources elsewhere.

Two types to choose from 

  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol API is suitable for almost any kind of website. It’s considered by many to be the easiest integration available.
  • REST: Representational State Transfer API is considered to be more complex but the flexibility and scalability are what make REST also a good option.

Businesses that need an API

For hassle-free communication with customers, businesses, enterprises or any institution can and ought to use API for text communication round the clock. Below we have outlined the industries where SMS API can be a game-changer:

E-commerce: For the customers to know about the shipment and delivery status, texting is the most viable option. You can also send new offers and discounts on special occasions.

Airlines: Nowadays for uninterrupted and hassle-free travel, people prefer an airline that communicates the necessary details on time. Also, to hold onto loyal customers and lure prospective ones, sending timely offers will help a lot.

Hotels and Restaurants: If you want to share new discounts and offers to customers spread over different continents, conveying by texting without having to manually type is where an API comes to your help.

Banks: To send timely alerts and OTPs, banks have to convey them to customers at the earliest without a delay. This can only be possible by integrating with an API.

Insurance companies: For monthly premiums to be paid, clients have to be informed about the due payment. If you have thousands of clients, sending alerts automatically can be done by an SMS API.

Schools: To inform parents about parent-teacher meetings or the abrupt closure at the eleventh hour can be communicated to thousands of parents at the same time by texting. Changes in school timing and other related information can be conveyed by the school management as well.

Why Do Businesses Use SMS API?

API enables you to send thousands of messages instantly anywhere in the world, without having to manually type the text. Not only for the convenience of customers but for error-free delivery of messages, API does make it an easy job for both sides.

Below are some areas where SMS API is helpful for businesses of all kinds:

  •  For sending OTPs to customers around the globe
  •  For promotional and marketing purposes
  •  For ticket confirmations by airlines and railways
  •  For time-sensitive details by govt, the financial institutions, and in coastal and disaster-prone areas by the weather department
  • To inform busy parents about their child’s performance and unpaid fee
  •  For two-factor authentication to secure account
  •  To inform clients about new insurance policies
  •  To entice foodies by sending new offers on their favorite food and new varieties they can taste

The functionality of SMS API

First, SMS APIs bridge telecom service providers to the internet, doing away with the necessity of having a platform. Once the integration of SMS API is completed, logging in and sending messages becomes an outdated exercise. API protocols enable you to send messages automatically without having to type manually.

Consent from customers to receive promotional messages has to be sought to avoid any legal issues in the future. Starting with NoN-DND numbers is a good way to begin your journey of SMS marketing. Further, taking into consideration other things, promotional messages must be sent between 9 am to 9 pm for the convenience of clients.

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