What Phoenix Version of aSMSC Holds For Your SMS Business

Since our inception in the SMS Industry, our goal has always been to help emerging players and established ones upscale their SMS Business without compromising on quality. Our focus remains that you must be equipped with the best in the field. This in turn will ensure your longevity and not drift away from a higher return on investment.

The feature list is long enough to be adjusted here. However, we will stick to out-of-the-box ones that will help you as an SMS Service Provider in upscaling the business efficiently.

Service Quality Monitoring

While getting with the usual business in the SMS industry, what is a concern of all those in this sector is the quality of service. With us, you can easily go ahead with the operations because our service quality is what makes us stand out in the industry. Further, at the same time, we keep on monitoring the service just to avoid any delay in services.

Automated Quality-Based Routing

Who in the SMS industry does not want the best Routes for SMS traffic? With this version, we have added the much-needed automated quality-based routing for our clients. Now you can not only have content-based routing but in the phoenix version of our platform, you can also have schedule-based routing as well.

Tiered Pricing

The major concern of clients has been addressed in this version. Now you can have separate rate plans for customers with different needs.

On The Fly Extensive Sender/Content Modification

If you ever want to make any changes and modifications, the new version of our platform takes the necessity into consideration. You will not be made to wait but instant changes will be made.

AES 256 Encrypted Message Storage

The strongest encryption standard has been added to this about-to-be-unveiled version of our platform for security purposes.

Scheduled Rates and Routing

The long pending demand — for scheduled rates and routing — of our clients has been addressed. Now you can easily decide on the rates and routing as per your requirements.

In-App HLR

For up-to-date information regarding mobile subscribers around the globe, we have added In-App HLR Check for your convenience.

Quality Based LCR

We have added quality-based LCR to select the lowest-cost carrier.

Token Based API

Much-needed token-based API authentication has been added in the latest version.

SMS conversations, Routing Workflow, Insightful alarms, and much more have been included in this one-of-a-kind version of the messaging industry.

To familiarize yourself with all the newly introduced features in our state-of-the-art phoenix version, click here for  the detailed list and compare it with our previous version

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