SMS Hubbing in the Ever-Changing Messaging Industry

Before the ubiquitous use of messaging apps, getting in touch with people outside your country was too difficult a task. For some even thinking about it was not an option. Similarly, if firms and brands wanted to communicate with customers in different countries of the world using the SMS channel, the lack of international interoperability was a hindrance to smooth messaging. However, in 2006, GSMA found in SMS Hubbing the solution for streamlined communication way beyond national boundaries.

Following the trial period, the GSM Association – an industry organization that represents the interests of mobile operators around the world – came up with a new structure, standards, and requirements for international SMS interoperability. These new changes were introduced for SMS hubs to follow and do away with cumbersome bilateral agreements among operators.

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Explaining SMS Hubbing

In the simplest of terms, SMS Hubbing is the new method being employed for the international flow of SMS among different operators. The implementation of this structure does away with the taxing and time-consuming bilateral agreements needed to be signed among various operators for the passage of messages in large quantities. What happens in the process is that SMS Hubs act as an intermediary between operators for the smooth flow of SMS traffic internationally.

To make it even easier for you to understand the process, SMS hubs act as a point of connection that receives and sends messages from operators globally.

Before the addition of SMS Hubbing, operators had to sign agreements with others in the industry for the unhindered flow of messages. But the process was time-consuming and acted as a barrier to the international reach of SMS.

Like in voice connectivity where the traffic flows via Telehouses, doing away with several expensive individual agreements, operators get in touch with SMS hubs for the cost-efficient flow of messages. The necessity of having to sign several agreements is done away with when hubs are used.

What needs to be kept in mind is that SMS Hubbing does not replace bilateral agreements completely but makes the process easier and lessens the burden on the exchequer of the company.

Benefits of SMS Hubbing

The use of SMS Hubbing makes the job easier for you to send and receive messages globally. Some of the undeniable benefits are discussed below:

Unthinkable Global Reach

The tiresome process of reaching out to your customers globally is taken care of by SMS Hubbing. The need for individual agreements is not an issue in the first place. You simply get unlimited access to your clients anywhere in the world. Connecting with the intermediary not only saves time but the expenses are cut down drastically.

Reduces Burden

Who does not want to reduce the burden on their shoulders? With SMS Hub in place, the multiple signing of agreements with several operators is shown as the exit route.


This is why it was brought in the first place. The costs are reduced once the hubs are used for international SMS traffic.


The need for SMS Hubs is not only a must for operators but Bulk SMS providers anywhere in the world have to use them for simple and streamlined communication without compromising on the quality of service. This will not only save time but results will be phenomenal once employed.

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