What To Look For While Choosing SMS Softswitch

If you are looking to plunge into the business of Bulk SMS or have already been offering services as a Bulk SMS provider, one term you must be very familiar with is  SMS Softswitch. It is through this switch the process of sending messages in bulk takes place.

When choosing the SMS Softswitch, there are many things to be considered for desired results and more importantly for standing out from the rest in offering Bulk SMS services.

But before knowing what are the necessary features to look out for in the Switch, let us first understand the term in detail for those who are just getting into the SMS industry.

Explaining SMS Softswitch?

SMS Softswitch is the software that is used by Bulk SMS providers to send traffic from one place to another with scale and immediacy. From the beginning of the message to the end, the process is handled by the switch in the background.

Besides handling the transmission of SMS entirely, the Switch is involved in rate management, billing, invoicing, and much more.

What To Look Out For In SMS Softswitch

Once you have decided to look out for the Switch to start as a bulk SMS provider, below is what you ought not to forget while choosing an SMS Softswitch:

  • SMS Firewall

Everyone wants to keep fraud at bay while doing any type of activity. But while starting the Bulk SMS Service, the first thing that must be on the top of your mind is security. By having an SMS Firewall in place, the service provider ensures there is no threat of intrusion and fraud which is rampant in the sector.

There are certain additional things that must be looked into including message content screening and message content alteration as well. What makes the firewall one of the strongest is its ability to blacklist and whitelist numbers.

  • Dynamic Routing

Once you are assured the content will not be intruded upon, the next big thing that comes to your mind is routing which has to be dynamic in nature. You as a service provider must be looking to expand beyond domestic boundaries, which is why only one type of routing will not be sufficient.

Besides relying on real-type routing, service providers look for LCR (Least Cost Routing) that gives them the desired margin of profitability. It is through this feature they are able to choose the least-cost route available.

  • Rate Management

The most important thing that plays a crucial role while handling clients is managing rates. The SMS platform ought to be able to generate customer rates. The system must allow you to upload and download rate plans as and when required. There must not be any restrictions.

  • Seamless Invoicing 

Once you have begun as a Bulk SMS provider, the necessity of sending invoices begins which must not be a daunting task. The SMS platform that you want to tie up with must make it easy for you to send invoices. Downloading reports in excel and pdf format must be an option for future reference.

  • Keep a Tab

While using the platform it is equally important to prevent loss that is possible in this industry. If the switch offers 2FA integration, many unauthorized logins are prevented, and more importantly, loss to the Bulk SMS provider is prevented.

Now, if you want to start as a Bulk SMS provider with all the above-mentioned features and much more, it is time to switch to aSMSC, an SMS platform that is relied upon by many. Further, to have a demo before choosing the switch and going beyond set boundaries, click here for a demo and test our platform

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