SMS Firewall: Need & Importance

With Bulk SMS Services in vogue since the vitality of texting was felt by all kinds of businesses around the world, Mass SMS comes up with some drawbacks known to all. To fix the issues of spamming, spoofing, and smishing, the SMS firewall comes to the rescue and makes your journey easy and free of any limitations.

Knowing very well the advent of the mobile phone has made the job easier for marketing teams of different companies, the ubiquitous use of SMS for marketing purposes is here to stay. There are predictions of the market to grow by billions in the coming years. Further, the demand noticed a surge due to the use of A2P messaging.

The question however boils down to the fixing of issues that are rampant in the SMS industry. Let’s find out what can be done to avoid these barriers to the exponential growth of the business.

The Utility of SMS Firewall

Like everywhere, compromises on security are not viable in the SMS industry. For the safe and unobtrusive passage of traffic, firewalls are used. A firewall is a security device in the form of hardware or software monitoring and filtering the incoming and outgoing traffic while taking into consideration set security policies. What firewalls do is that they create a barrier between internal controlled networks and the public network such as the internet. As a consequence, harmless traffic is allowed and the harmful is restricted.

The rampant use of SMS for various business purposes makes it essential to stave off the vulnerabilities. For any brand or a firm to establish a connection with loyal and prospective clients, the usage of spam texts and using of illegal routes to deliver messages can be detrimental to growth and expansion. This is where putting in place a firewall helps. The installation of the device will filter the traffic and make sure spoofing is thwarted at the earliest.

Benefits of SMS Firewall

The above discussion must have cleared the necessity of a firewall in the SMS business. Here we will focus on the benefits and importance of installing a firewall:

1) Elimination of Grey Routes

This is the biggest benefit of having a firewall. You get to do away with the illegal routes that are being used to communicate. With the elimination of this route, the chances of fraudulent messages being passed are very rare.

2) Take Full Control of Your Traffic

Who does not want to be in control of the tasks they perform? Everyone wants to but in the SMS industry, the scenario is totally different. Using your brand name, unscrupulous elements can and have lured many innocent people of late. This in effect leaves you partly controlled of the process and gives way to fraudsters who will tarnish the credibility of your brand or firm you are the owner of.

Therefore, to take charge of all the affairs concerning your SMS traffic, having a firewall will not only save time but more importantly you will be in full control of the processes involved.

3) Prevention of Message Flooding

With a firewall in place, you can ensure a large number of texts are blocked from reaching one or more destinations.

4) Spamming is Done Away with

The concern of spam messages is an issue for nearly all mobile users. The unwanted messages to clients are blocked using the security system.


Having a firewall, it appears, is not a choice but a necessity in the SMS industry. This helps in many ways from preventing spoofing and spamming to plugging in revenue leakages and credibility concerns. What ought to be a priority is the choice of software – like aSMSC – that besides being highly scalable in messaging operations, is supportive of the SMS firewall for restricting the undesirable processes mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

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